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What is autoclave

Sterilizer autoclave, Buy Stainless Steel Autoclave Online. An autoclave is a chamber which uses pressurized steam to sterilize a variety of substances, provided they are not damaged by high pressure or temperature. It uses moist heat in the form of pressurized steam to achieve destruction of organisms, Sterilizer autoclave.

For instance, It is observed that steam at a temperature of 121?C and a pressure of 15psi is optimum for destroying life forms in about 15 minutes. Sterilization time is reduced at temperatures above 121?C, but to feed steam at such high temperatures, it needs to be pumped at a higher pressure. Sterilizer autoclave

Methods Of Use

Further more, Sterilization can be achieved via two methods. Sterilizer autoclave.

Moreso, Fast exhaust method is used for dry items whereas slow exhaust method is used for liquids.

Autoclave Sterilization


For instance, Successful sterilization can be achieved if the materials are packed carefully and placed in such a way that steam can penetrate them easily.

Generally, autoclaves are cylindrical in shape with a number of valves and pipes for steam to enter and for contaminated air to escape.

Autoclave definition

In conclusion, Autoclaves are available based on the capacity (number of litres), size (benchtop or vertical) and functionality (gravity or vacuum induced or prevac).  BioMall has an extensive catalogue which is tailored on the basis of customer requirements.


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