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Psilocybe Azurescens In the wild this mushroom is an aggressive producer, and fruits often in large numbers, and dense clusters. It is rare to find a solitary mushroom of this species growing in the wild. When injured it bruises a dark blue to dark green. Mostly this mushroom is found growing during the cold months on decaying wood in forests, or near the edges of the woods. It is a medium sized mushroom, but does have a look a like which is extremely toxic. If you have found a mushroom like this, be very sure to make a proper identification of it.Psilocybe cyanescens for sale

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Azurescens Spores Syringe

  • Did you know that 1 Azurescens spores syringe contains several millions of spores. Keep your’s spores clean, cool and dry: 6 *C
  • Which kind of substrates they love?: Rye grain, wheat straw, horse or cow manure.
  • You can find this species in the subtropic and tropic zones all around the globe.
  • The most importantly is check your local regulations before ordering, because cultivation Cubensis mushrooms may be illegal in many countries, like: Poland, UK, and others, so be shure what you order.
  • Besides Cultivation, you can also do microscopic research with this spores. Psilocybe Azurescens
  • Because this Spore Syringe don’t have any psychodelic substance inside, therfore is completly legal.

 Dried psilocybe azurescens

buy Psilocybe Azurescen online in usa and canada. 20 Minutes after taking the Psilocybe Cyanescens Truffle on a empty stomach the effects slowly begins After an hour the effect shall be at its maximum and holds for about 2 hours. After 2 hours the trip will slowdown.

Not only is it a proud member of the magic mushroom family, but this particular specimen possesses psilocybin levels leagues above common varieties.

Don’t worry if you don’t happen to live near its native home, the West Coast of the US. This mushroom powerhouse has since spread, growing naturally in Germany, the Netherlands, and New Zealand—and, with the right preparation, your very own back garden.

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