Magic Mushroom Grow Kit RedBoy by Mondo®


The Red Boy Mondo® magic mushroom grow kit. The Psilocybe Cubensis Red Boy strain is a mutation from the PF original mushroom. It’s red colored spores are a genetic deformity that produces red spores instead of black or purple spores. Now loved by many the RebBoy is a beautiful strain to grow.



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Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kit USA Online, Grow your own magic mushrooms at home with magic mushroom grow kits. Each tub provides multiple flushes of fruiting bodies in a matter of weeks. Gone are the days of scouring woodlands and pastures—or relying on shady dealers—to acquire a dose of goodness!

Have you ever wanted to grow your own magic mushrooms? If so, you could consider trying a ready-to-grow mushroom grow kit. Not only are they easy to use, they also come with pretty much everything you need. All that’s asked of you is that you come prepared with water and a great deal of patience. Buy Magic mushroom grow kit

Psychedeli mushroom growing kit for sale

Our selection of grow kits offers something for everyone. If you’re new to magic mushrooms, try out one of our less potent strains for a gentle introduction. In contrast, you’ll need something a little stronger if you want to blast off and explore alternate dimensions. You’ll get a general idea of the potency of each strain by reading the description of a particular grow kit

All of the mycelium boxes are ready to grow and contain everything you need to get started;


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