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Golden teacher mushroom Hence, this shroom isn’t just for casual tripping. It can also be used for gaining new insight about yourself and the universe. It’s not uncommon for the Golden Teacher shrooms to produce a feeling of enlightenment and a deeper connection to nature. Spirit healers turn to Golden teacher shrooms as tools for restoring the mind and spirit. Finally, Golden Teachers also produce hallucinogenic effects. Such a trait common among all magic mushrooms. Contrarily, you can buy liquid Isd , buy Isd tabs and buy 5 meo dmt online.

Golden Teacher Mushrooms Effects

This strain offers a high psychedelic effect, though mild, making it ideal even for beginners. It have shamanistic/spiritual properties. Therefore, spiritual healers use this strain as a tool to heal the patient’s mind and spirit. Upon using Golden Teacher shrooms, one feels they are deeply connected to nature. One also experiences a feeling of being enlightened.  The golden mushroom teaches users by providing transcendence and new psychedelic experiences. Like most shrooms, hallucinogenic effects accompany the use of Golden Teacher mushrooms. The effects may take about twenty minutes to kick in but take 4-10 hours to fade, depending on the dosage used.

Golden teacher mushroom spores

The Golden teacher mushroom earns its strain name from its golden caps. The plants have large stems and caps. The plants have an elegant appearance. It have a distinguishable and slightly curved cap making up a fruiting body. The shrooms have ashy red coloured caps, which can extend to a diameter of up to 8cm. Golden Teacher shrooms have gills varying from whitish to purple-brown. The first Golden Teachers produced during the first flush are medium-sized. Later on, these mushrooms from the second and subsequent flushes increase in size.

Golden teacher shrooms effects

Like all mushroom strains, Golden Teacher mushrooms cause hallucinogenic effects to the users.  The experience is more visionary with hallucinations. When used in high doses, they can cause adverse effects to the users.


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